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USPS Prices To Remain Steady

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Now would be the time to get that Direct Mail campaign you’ve been dreaming about, mailed and sent.
Read along….

Great news from the USPS! The USPS Board of Governors have announced something that will be welcome news to all mailers.


The USPS will not seek any price changes for their mail and shipping products and services in January 2015. This is partly due to the uncertainty regarding the exigent price increase that is still awaiting a ruling from the courts but whatever the reason, it is welcome news.
This means that the current pricing of postal products and services will remain in effect through the holiday season and early part of 2015.


The Board will continue to evaluate pricing strategies and will communicate changes to this decision or price change filings that may occur. The USPS is bound by law to provide the industry advance notice on these matters.



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