Why Target New Homeowners?

New Homeowners Are The #1 Buying Segment In America
Even in the worst economy, new homeowners need new products and services as soon as they move in! Businesses will grow by reaching them quickly while their demand is hot. Targeting new homeowners using HMSI mailing lists is a consistent way for businesses to acquire new customers. As the fastest and most reliable data compiler of home purchasers for more than 40 years – we know what works! No other demographic is more responsive to direct mail efforts than new homeowners, at the time of moving into their new property.

  • 20% of families nationwide move each year
  • 72% of new homeowners will spend $10,000-$60,000 in the first year
  • New homeowners have excellent credit and will spend money on their new investment
  • Homes purchased (especially in today’s economy) need repairs, remodeling and new decor
  • Families need services in their new neighborhood; unlike renters, they have decision power with greater propensity to spend