Why should I market to new homeowners and why is timing so important?

Why market to new homeowners?

  • They have no buying loyalty in their new community
  • There is an “immediate” demand for all types of products and services
  • Their Buying habits are formed during the first 30 days after their move
  • The majority of their new purchases happen within the first 90 days

Why timing is so important?
Because of 2 reasons:

  • Competition – you want to reach them before a competing service or professional gets to them
  • Habits – the longer you wait, or use an aged list (which means you’re reaching them when already settled in) chances are they already developed some habits and know local spots, shops, and maybe even got some referrals from friends and neighbors

Our list is collected and compiled from the right kind of data, based on events that lead you to a new homeowner in the exact time frame of moving into a newly purchased home.

If you use the list wisely and in timely fashion, it is one of the most affordable targeted marketing tools available today.