How Much Does It Cost ?

Depending on the average monthly count, the cost per name will range from 9-25 cents on a subscription billed monthly and delivered weekly. Please give us the areas you want and we will get back to you by the next business day.

You can also use our postage calculator tool to estimate the postage costs of your intended campaign.

Between the cost of the leads (data) and the mailing (postage), you have addressed almost 100% of your campaign costs. Why? Because if you choose to run a DYI (do it yourself) style campaign, you can print your own letter or postcard using your home or business printer. You can even personalize your mail piece using our list and Microsoft office word.

Should you decide to “go big” and spend money on design and professional printing, this will add onto your campaign costs.

We often advise small and starting businesses, to do “guerrilla marketing” by doing as much as they can themselves, using the resources they already have at home and in their business. The ROI (return on investment) can be huge when you execute simple but effective marketing campaigns consistently and persistently – which is why our way of mailing each week is so effective for creating a “cash flow” of new customers, a bit more each week, as your business grows with it.