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  • Do You Scrub Against The “Do Not Call” List?

  • How do you calculate direct mail response rate?

  • What is the ROI on direct mail?

  • What is the average conversion rate for direct mail?

  • What is a good response rate for direct mail?

  • What is Direct Mail Marketing and How Does It Work?

  • How Much Does It Cost ?

  • My direct mail campaign didn’t drive the results I expected. What went wrong?

  • OK, I’m convinced, what should I do with your list and how fast should I act?

  • What types of clients use new homeowner mailing list to acquire customers?

  • Why not just advertise my business in the newspaper or Yellow Pages?

  • How fast does Homeowners Marketing Services provide new homeowner names and addresses?

  • Given the current state of the economy, why should my business spend marketing dollars targeting new homeowners?

  • What’s the best way to maximize response using Homeowners Marketing new homeowner mailing lists?

  • What are the benefits to using Homeowners Marketing’s new homeowner mailing lists?

  • Why should I market to new homeowners and why is timing so important?

  • Why Target New Homeowners?

  • What are the advantages to targeting new homeowners over renters? Why not just use a mover list?

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