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Consider that these are only the core and most common questions, and there maybe no answer here to a question (or two) that are on your mind and you feel make a difference for your business in your effort to get your marketing to work better – most cost effectively, reaching more people and generating more leads and leads of good quality.

  1. What are the advantages to targeting new homeowners over renters? Why not just use a mover list?
  2. Why Target New Homeowners?
  3. Why should I market to new homeowners and why is timing so important?
  4. What are the benefits to using Homeowners Marketing’s new homeowner mailing lists?
  5. What’s the best way to maximize response using Homeowners Marketing new homeowner mailing lists?
  6. Given the current state of the economy, why should my business spend marketing dollars targeting new homeowners?
  7. How fast does Homeowners Marketing Services provide new homeowner names and addresses?
  8. Why not just advertise my business in the newspaper or Yellow Pages?
  9. What types of clients use new homeowner mailing list to acquire customers?
  10. OK, I’m convinced, what should I do with your list and how fast should I act?
  11. My direct mail campaign didn’t drive the results I expected. What went wrong?
  12. How Much Does It Cost ?

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