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Small Business – Who Do You Trust?

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A recent study done by Alignable – a small business social network, shows which companies, service providers and ultimately, products, are on Small Business owners minds and who they think helps them expand their brand recognition and their relationships nurtured.



  • WordPress, Mailchimp, Authorize, Google, Square & PayPal are leading the charge amongst small businesses
  • Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter all are trending positively in the minds of small business owners
  • Wave’s free back office software seems to be poised to make a run at Quickbooks
  • GoFundMe and Foursquare still have opportunity for growth, but are currently in the red
  • Shopify and Freshbooks, and both are trending up since last quarter
  • Jack Dorsey’s two companies, Twitter and Square, are in the top 10 of our NPS data
  • Facebook has stabilized in the mid-twenties. Since beginning to collect the data 10 months ago, Facebook’s NPS has steadily declined from the mid-thirties

About the Data:

  • More than 7,500 ratings across 45 different SMB brands according to our local business owners
  • Over 1,500 net new ratings collected last quarter across the 45 different SMB brands
  • Businesses included in the study are based in North America and employ under 50 people
  • Businesses analyzed include both B2B and B2C, across many industries
  • In order to be included in the SMB Trust Index, brands must receive 25+ ratings
  • NPS scores are only shown for brands with 50+ ratings. Brands with less than 50 ratings are placed where their score is currently trending



You can download the PDF infographic from Alignable (on AWS)



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