High-Date Report

Our high date report contains valuable information in Excel format. It lists every state and county we cover throughout the U. S.

Note – its data is based on our New Homeowners Mailing List alone. It does not reflect data trends of our New Mover or New Businesses List or any other list we provide our customers.
Again – this report pertains to New Homeowners’ data only.

High Date Report

In just a few seconds you can sum up a particular county and know the weekly and monthly average of new homeowners in that county.
In other words, you can estimate the number of hot leads you can expect to get from us if you requested a certain area coverage (be it a Zip Code or a whole county – you can sum it up and get an estimate).

Also, by looking at the “recording date” field you can tell how “fresh” the data is. What that means is; the recording date tells you when the newest property for that area was recorded in the county recorder’s office as a sold property. This also gives you an important sense of the power of the leads you’ll be getting from us in this area. Because the newer (or as we refer to it “the fresher”) the property sale is, consider this new homeowner is likely not yet been contacted by advertisers of products and services in his area making him offers – which means you’re getting “in on it” first.

In other words – when you target new customers, you usually target “the right people” by at least limiting the area you approach them (you won’t put a flyer in Anchorage Alaska if your Pizza parlor is in Chicago Illinois, right?). But that’s just the first step. The power of working with our lead service, is that not only do we match you with the right people based on your area, we can:
1) Better match them by other criteria than just locality
2) We match you with the right people at the right time! The key is to find “fresh leads” who just moved into a purchased property, do not know the area well and have not yet found their “footprint” of service providers (doctors, restaurants, shops, pet services, car services etc etc).

By reviewing the high date report, you can look at the raw summary data and instead of taking our word for it – see for yourself and estimate the power that adding our list to your marketing “muscle” will give you in actual new customers, real “eggs in the basket” so to speak. Because you’ll know how many to expect on a weekly basis and how “fresh” they are.

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Available in Excel Format

As this report updates weekly, you can come back and check in each week and see if and how consistent the data is for your area of choice. If it is steady and consistent, then you know it will be a boon for your business to use it and you simply can’t afford not to try.

So go ahead – don’t take our word – download this report every week and check for yourself.
Contact our support team with any questions about this report.

The report is available in an Excel spreadsheet format. It’s available for download at no cost.

Click to Download
Click to Download

Once you click the link, you’ll be prompted to open the Excel file. You can open it immediately or save it to your local disk, for future reference.