New Movers Mailing List

new movers unloading truck
new movers unloading truck

In 2018, nearly 35.5 million Americans moved, with many choosing to relocate to a new home, and others moving as a result of a new job or job transfer. In fact, moving is a major factor of why the average business can lose up to 25 percent of its loyal customer base annually.

Moving season begins when schools’ summer breaks begin, as parents find moving is easier when school and recreational activities are at a minimum. By the numbers, new movers spend more money in their first six months in a new community than current residents spend in three years. These new community members are looking for ways to connect and settle into their new homes and neighborhoods, and are five times more likely to become loyal customers to businesses that reach out to them in a welcoming way. All the more reason why developing a powerful marketing plan is vital to gain new movers as new customers, often for life.

Businesses of all kinds – dentists, restaurants, doctors, insurance, dry cleaners, veterinarians, home improvement, lawn care, churches, and more – can benefit from using our new movers marketing mailing list executing affordable direct mail campaigns. By welcoming new movers and inviting them to visit enhances brand awareness, increases customer bases, and improves ROI as new residents take advantage of your compelling offers.

Got more questions? Don’t hesitate and contact us today – we’ll provide you with consulting, estimates of number of leads you can get based on your criteria of an ideal customer and overlaying that criteria on our accurate and fresh new movers database.

We can provide our new movers mailing list in any format that fits your needs delivered either electronically or via USPS mail.

Our mailing lists are compiled each week and provide major brands as well as small businesses, the power to reach the right audience at the right time.

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