Since 1967, we have been providing our clients across the nation exactly what they need with speed and accuracy. Marketing Lists (mainly New Homeowners Mailing Lists) have been our core competency for over 5 decades. Our method of compiling data ensures our lists are always fresh and reliable. We target the buyers that other marketing channels can’t reach as quickly as you will by using our list.

Available By Order or Subscription

  • Order leads for just $ .09 per name plus a processing fee of $75.00 or less depending on the quantity ordered. Fee is waived for orders of over 10,000 names.
  • Alternatively, you can subscribe to a weekly or even daily delivery. A subscription gives you the peace of mind that a only a timely fashioned delivery guarantee, time after time can give, when your business depends on that vital flow of hot prospects. This solution is also price-point-preferred by customers, as it lowers the overall cost.

Call our experts for information and lead estimates for your business area and for custom tailored solutions to fit your mailing lists goals and budget.

Direct Mail Marketing Lists

Find out more about the mailing lists we compile and offer:

Telemarketing Lists

Some of our lists can be custom tailored to telemarketers. We feed call centers for fortune 1000 customers who wish to automate their call out processes and reach their prospective customers before their competition does. Our custom designed data processing software can provide call centers (whether in house or outsourced) with the necessary data points and consumable formats that power their automated dialers to efficiently solve telemarketing challenges.

Specialty Mailing Lists

Are you in need of a different list? Need to target a different audience or just not sure if one of our lists is the right one for your business? Please contact us and let us know what kind of leads you need, and we assure you that with our 40+ years in the list marketing business we are perfectly positioned to get you the data you need, so look no further – we are the experts and we want to earn your business.