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Mail List – Printed (Continuous) Labels

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If you choose to receive your list from us already printed, via mail, then instead of sending you an electronic file (which is faster), you will be receiving via mail (a few days later) a package from us with your list already printed on continuous sheets containing peel-n-stick labels.

This makes things more convenient for you, as you don't have to print the list yourself. However it "costs you" a few days, as USPS has to deliver the list to your doorstep.

As such, if you think the competition is fierce in your market/area or type of business, we highly recommend getting the list electronically, at the same day we compile it, and printing it yourself.
This way you can have everything prepared in advance (and even printed in case of postcards or letters, unless you plan to personalize them, in which case you have to wait for the list to be delivered and merge it into your mail piece). Once you receive the list, you can immediately print your labels and send your mail piece.

However, if you choose the convenient solution of having us print and ship the labels to you, this is what they will look like.



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