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Mail Merge – Letters/Flyers

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This "how to guide" explains how to create and print personalized letter or flyer by yourself, and merge it with the leads that we provide to you.

The process entails the following steps:

  • Create a generic flyer with personalized "place holders"
  • Import our list of hot new homeowner leads
  • Merge them together into multiple, personalized flyers which you can print in bulk


As an example, if you create a letter that starts with "Dear Mr. X, how are you" and merge it with a list of 120 leads, you'll end up with 120 personalized letters, each addressed to the respective person of the 120.

This allows you to easily create Direct Mail campaigns on a dime, without using expensive agencies, design houses or print mills and easily mail them yourself.

This is how many small businesses created a cash cow for themselves, bringing new customers to their door every week, while spending only few minutes every week.



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