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Rich Text Format (acronym "RTF") is one of the available formats for email-based delivery of the list.
Once you get the RTF file, this friendly format can be opened on any Operating System (computer) be it Windows, Mac, or Linux.
It is easy to print and with appropriate label sheets, prints perfectly on to peel-N-stick labels you can buy at any office supplies store.

Here is a definition of each of the fields included in the RTF format:

Field01 - Full Name

Field02 - Address

Field03 - City,State,Zip+4

Field04 - County Code

Field05 - Salutation

Field06 - First Name

Field07 - Middle Name

Field08 - Last Name

Field09 - City

Field10 - State

Field11 - Zip9

Field12 - Carrier Route

Field13 - Phone

Field14 - Purchase Price

Field15 - Loan Amount

Field16 - Document Number

Field17 - Condo Code

Field18 - Record Date

Field19 - Filler

Field20 - Lender Name

Field21 - Loan Type

Field22 - LTV

Field23 - Seller Name

Field24 - Buyer Status

Field25 - Sales Area

Field26 - Zip

Field27 - Zip+4

Field28 - Or Current Resident

Field29 - Keycode

The Fields in Red are populated in our standard format and the rest are available upon request (some of which may carry an additional fee)



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