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Email List – Microsoft Excel Format

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Here is a definition of each of the fields:

Field01 - Full Name

Field02 - Address

Field03 - City,State,Zip+4

Field04 - County Code

Field05 - Salutation

Field06 - First Name

Field07 - Middle Name

Field08 - Last Name

Field09 - City

Field10 - State

Field11 - Zip9

Field12 - Carrier Route

Field13 - Phone

Field14 - Purchase Price

Field15 - Loan Amount

Field16 - Document Number

Field17 - Condo Code

Field18 - Record Date

Field19 - Filler

Field20 - Lender Name

Field21 - Loan Type

Field22 - LTV

Field23 - Seller Name

Field24 - Buyer Status

Field25 - Sales Area

Field26 - Zip

Field27 - Zip+4

Field28 - Or Current Resident

Field29 - Keycode

The Fields in Red are populated in our standard format and the rest are available upon request (some of which may carry an additional fee)



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