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Direct Mail Gets Faster Response

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In an industry that continually is looking for the next technological advancement to engage consumers, it’s still traditional direct mail that generates the fastest response.

According to the latest research from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) consumers are more likely to respond faster to direct mail than email as seen in their infographic:


Key facts learned from this infographic:

  • 79% react to their Direct Mail immediately vs. 45% email.
  • Direct Mail drives online response.
  • Direct Mail is the most trustworthy communication.

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with full inboxes of messages and offers that they don’t want.  And while inboxes are full, mailboxes are less cluttered and making an impact.

No matter your marketing campaign, leaving out traditional direct mail can hurt your overall response.  Having direct mail as an integral part of your campaign, will give your campaign and brand more credibility, seen almost immediately, and drive people online (which may be your desired response).










as appeared in twochicago blog


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