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Customer Testimonials

“We have only good words to tell about the people at Homeowners Marketing Services. Laura, and Barry are customer oriented people that always willing to listen and deeply understand our needs. As a result, they created an easy to use formatted data which minimize our processing effort.”

Moshe Kirsh
Dream Technologies, Inc.

“Thank you for your help in getting us up and running. We have just started using your list and already our first night of outreach was very successful for our Church.”

Jennifer M.
Liberty Baptist Church

“My company has been using data from Homeowners Marketing (HMSI) for a very long time. Four years ago, I started tracking the leads I received from different sources (including Homeowners) to find out which leads were the most profitable for my company to use. The data I received from HMSI is the most profitable and there are a few reasons why. The data I received from other sources contained old record dates some going back several years. Many of the other vendors records contained leads I could not use because they did not represent TRUE new homeowners; for example, if I received a file with 100 records in it and 20 of them all had the same “owner” names with different addresses, this told me that particular “owner” was not a new homeowner, he/she was an investor or someone flipping houses. Another issue with other vendor records is the actual data. HMSI has very clean data with few errors and the dupe rate is usually BELOW 4% which is great for this industry. There may be other vendors with higher counts in certain areas; however, if you analyze the data you are receiving, you will find that sometimes those high counts are full of bad data. I was receiving one list with counties in a particular area from another vendor and by the time I finished cleaning the records so it contained the true data my customers wanted, I was throwing away 30% of the records that I had PREPAID. When I switched to HMSI, that percentage dropped to 5% so it resulted in a profit increase for my bottom line.

On the very rare occasions where there has been a mistake with the data I’ve received, HMSI immediately responds and corrects the problem. And the customer service is the best. Rosalynda is a treasure to work with. She responds quickly and delivers my data when she says she will. Because of the folks at HMSI, I feel like I’m dealing with coworkers who care as much as I do about my company’s success. They treat me like I treat my customers so that’s a win win for all of us. My customers want true new homeowners and HMSI is the best at delivering that.”

T. Williams, President

“I signed up at a trade show in 2012. This is the best form of advertising I’ve ever used. Their New Homeowner Mailing list puts in front of customers that have established incomes and open to buy credit. It allows me to introduce my business to an audience that has an immediate need. It also allows me an opportunity to invite them into my store with realistic offer with limited strings attached. I highly recommend their services, not to mention their staff is friendly and easy to work with.”

J. Roberts
Roberts Furniture & Mattress

“I want to thank you for reaching out to me regarding ordering the labels for the new homeowners in the Central New Jersey area, but I am very happy to let you know that other than referrals, the use of the labels in sending flyers to new homeowners has had the largest impact on the growth of my practice, and it has come to the point where I do not need to advertise this way, rather managing all the clients I have.

I have found this type of marketing to be wonderful over the years and I would not be in the position I am now in without it. I thank you for your years of courteous, timely service, and if in the years ahead I see the need to reach out to new homeowners again or need mailing lists for any other reason, I will be sure to call on Homeowners Marketing Services.”

K. R. Deitz CPA of Freehold, NJ

“Just a note to say thank you for the New Homeowner leads that we get from you each week. We send out a nice letter of introduction and have found them to be very helpful in acquiring new business. Sometimes, months later, we’ll get a call and they will let us know they are calling us due to that letter !

As we are expanding into other service areas we look to you for more business opportunities !!”

Jim B.
Dewey Pest Control

“It’s rare that one gets to use the same service for their business for decades. As I’m making plans to retire soon, I’m asking for my service to be cancelled. Thank you guys for twenty two years of service!”

Thomas Murphy
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“Wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the results we are getting from your mailing labels. H.M.S.I. Has proven to be one of the best investments yet!”

Space Saver Garage Cabinets

“My dental practice has been a very pleased customer of Homeowners Marketing Services for over 14 years. We have 7379 patients now, and many of them are from Homeowners letters.”

Dr. Marianne R. Spamer
Dr. Marianne R. Spamer, R.D.H., D.D.S.

“We have worked with H.M.S. for years. Their mailing list has allowed us to make an early contact with the new homeowners in our area. The list is both timely and accurate.”

Anthony J. Corsica
Alameda Hospital

“I have received over a 9% response through Homeowners Lists, which is a phenomenal response to any marketing effort.”

Dr. Michael Glatt
Capitol Hill Veterinary Hospital

“Your marketing program was far and away the most productive source of generating new client revenue for my firm. I am finding that of my first 30 new clients, five also owned businesses. Because of your service, my tax season is now a year round practice.”

Steve Milberg
Certified Public Accountant

“My subscription to your homeowner list was the best decision I have ever made. It really paid off in the growth and expansion of my practice.”

Ali Zreik
Triple Check Tax Services

“For ten years you have given us the means to introduce ourselves to people who most need our services. You have been one of the main reasons for our rapid and consistent success. Thank you for 10 years of dependable service and profitable results.”

Tripp Curtis
Mr. Trees Landscaping

“As a matter of fact, Homeowners Marketing lists have been so successful for us that I dropped my Yellow Pages advertising completely. By actual survey, I am getting four times the response for one-third the advertising dollar, including postage.”

Hayden A. Mitchell
Hayden Landscape

“The labels we get from you are the most cost effective advertising that we do. I have been in business for 12 years and have experimented with other types of media, but none as successful as what you offer. Thanks again.”

Everett Angle
Closets To Go

“I have tried different approaches, this one works. The investment/return ratio is good.”

Thomas Tripolt
Contractor, All Electric Company

“So far it has been a year and the timing of this service couldn’t be better. Getting the names of brand new homeowners is the ideal time to contact people about my business. Even though we don’t get a flood of calls, the ones we do get turn out to be excellent customers who call us back again. The calls we get are from first rate people who appreciate good work and understand its value. The entire staff at HMSI is friendly and helpfully assists in accommodating our specific needs. They do what they say they’re going to do when they say they’ll do it. It may sound funny, but they feel like family to me. They work very hard to see that I get what I want, and it’s always with a smile. Not only do they provide a wonderful service, but they make it fun as well. I would highly recommend any tradesman subscribe to this service because it cannot miss in delivering the best leads. It has improved my living considerably and made my life a lot easier. Anyone who is in business knows that one of the big challenges is finding customers who are ready for your service. What could be a better time than to reach a brand new homeowner. I highly recommend HMS to anyone seeking to increase their business opportunities.”

Pat A.
Treemendous Tree Service

“Now is the perfect time to be marketing for new clients! In fact we’ve just started our own ‘New Homeowners Marketing Campaign’, which year on year is our most successful client acquisition activity.

This year we had 964 new homeowners in our 10 mile radius, and right now they’re receiving the first letter of the homeowners series. The first letter is a simple ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ which will be followed by the ‘free tax planning’ letter in late November/early December.

We use Homeowners Marketing Services and 2020 members will get a special rate. Contact them to find out how many new homeowners there are in your neighborhood.”

2020 Group USA

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help and advice in working together to help my business grow here in the greater Sacramento, CA. area. Since I signed on with Homeowners Marketing to grow my business the results have been far beyond my expectations. Things have gone so well that I have been able to bring on help and have had to move into a larger facility. Furthermore, as you know, I have also been able to expand my area of coverage utilizing your services. I have already referred you to some of my friends who have also decided to sign on with your company…I’m sure they will also greatly benefit from your services! I can’t say enough how happy I am with the results of our new relationship and I am looking forward to a long and prosperous future for both of us.”

Affordable Custom Cabinetry

“I have been using the Homeowners list for a year with Laura Friedman as my sales representative. Laura has been great to work with and has made any adjustments necessary in order to get me the best response from the geographical area that I work within. The list has been extremely accurate. I have sent out over 20,000 mailers which required a return address due to the bulk mail legalities of my local post office. For every return mailer that did not reach its destination I would be required to pay the post office 45 cents for the piece. I am ecstatic to report I never had a mail piece returned, simply amazing.”

Richard B.

“Hello, Laura, Will you please contact me concerning your homeowner lists. They really rock! Thanks to you I have a business again and am making money. They are accurate and people are actually nice because I’m not one of the last people to call and drive them crazy. I’m thrilled! Thanks again, you’re the best.”

Cathleen K.

“After having increased our coverage to areas that have never generated customers for us in the past, we actually got new customers out of using the list in those areas. It is odd because we hardly ever receive calls from homeowners in those counties so I wanted to thank you for the encouragement to test that. We will permanently lower the household value to $300K, it has been a real boost to our business.”

Kristin Roberts
Closet America

“Laura Friedman has been exceptional helpful through the whole process of setting up and getting started. Not only does she stop there but, continues to be there when we are changing list adding and deleting things. I would recommend the service to anyone that needs New Homeowner Information. Thanks and keep up the hard work…”

S. Bauer
Secure Pro, FL

“HMSI Mailing list is responsible for 4.9% of the service calls we receive. We have used many marketing ideas, but the one that has remained our anchor is the new homeowners database because it works!”

Bob Lord
Mr. Electric

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