About Us

Located in the heart of North Hollywood, CA, Homeowners Marketing Services, Inc. has been operating for over 50 years.

It is a tight group of industry veterans who have been working together for decades, practically defining the mailing list industry.
As early as the 70’s, when computers where not even part of commercial companies, the team at Homeowners Marketing had already planted the seeds, developing unique processes of data collection and treatment that would a decade later turn into one of the first software-based data-powerhouse.

But the days of Mainframe Computers that filled giant rooms and consumed more power than a whole building, were soon gone and the era of the personal computer allowed Homeowners Marketing to deliver a fast and personalized product to their customers.
Today, the company is able to deliver the best quality leads to its customers, in real time while using cutting edge technology to reduce costs, transferring that savings right over to you, the customer.

Barry Weiner, President of Homeowner Marketing Services, considered these as the 3 cornerstones of quality marketing lists:

  1. Fresh – how recent and up to date the information is. Many companies boast quantity or volume, but when the information is out of date, it’s like aiming at targets that are no longer there. We don’t care how “big our numbers are” but rather “how recent” they are, because this is what you, the customer, will care about eventually. It will cost you more to mail offers to bigger lists, however, if those lists are not updated as frequently as ours is, and consist of older data – that extra cost in mailing and printing will go straight down the drain…
  2. Accurate – curating mailing lists, is like producing diamonds. Sure it’s easy to take “what you dig”, turn around and sell it to someone as a “verified prospect” but it ain’t the truth… we take the time to verify the data; it’s authenticity, keying it correctly (less typos that lead to undelivered or incorrectly personalized offers) and enforcing high standard of hygiene (a term in the data world, that means “data clean of errors and duplication.
  3. Targeted – Our lists allow you to spend marketing dollars only on the most likely-to-buy prospects. Based on geographic, demographic and other criteria, our experts will ask you questions that will help define your ideal customer. Based on that information, a custom list made to order will be built each week or even day (depending on your need), such that you really only target the right people at the right time.

Today, Homeowners Marketing compiles the largest and fastest database of all new homeowners in the United States. Since 1967, our accurate and speedy mailing lists have allowed businesses to acquire customers by targeting qualified prospects quickly! New homeowners have immediate needs for all types of products and services. The business to reach them first wins.
RESULTS- DRIVEN MARKETING begins with the Fastest New Homeowners List

As the fastest and most reliable data compiler of home buyers for more than 40 years many marketers have counted on our new homeowner mailing lists to generate new customers and increase return on investment in a way that complements other channels, such as online and social and even exceeds them by measures of R.O.I
Here are a few of the unique advantages that Homeowners Marketing provides to its customers at a competitive price:

  • Customize the mailing list to target your geographic areas
  • 93% of all mailing addresses are deliverable
  • Phone numbers are available for sales-force follow-up
  • Fresh leads are delivered weekly via email or mail

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