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10 Things You Can Do Now to Have a Great Tax Season

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This time of the year is when CPAs and tax preparers work around the clock to find new customers, reach out to existing ones and in essence make sure they have a great tax season with more business than they can handle.

After all tax season to a CPA is what Black Friday is to Retailers.

Buying a new home is a demarcation point for every American as filing one’s taxes all of a sudden becomes a tad more complicated, however bears potential benefits that were not in reach prior to owning a home; namely deductions.

An article published in “Accounting Today” (A web magazine for CPAs), tells all about simple techniques to put to work in order to have a blissful tax season (that is if you’re a CPA of course :-))

Here’s a little bite off the apple:

Send direct mail to homeowners. Frederiksen said that he gets most of his clients from direct mail. He buys lists of all the new homeowners in his area; a number of companies provide them, but his firm uses Homeowners Marketing Services. He generally sends as many as five letters — an introductory letter, a letter on December 1 offering a free half-hour consultation, a letter on February 1 offering a 10 percent discount if they come in before February 15, a similar letter on March 1, and a final postcard on April 1st. “It’s the best two weeks in the year to get new clients”, he said.

Author Chris FrederiksenRead the entire article by Chris Frederiksen as published in “Accounting Today” (registration required) or download PDF here (no hassle :-))

We wish you a great tax season (whether you are a CPA or client of one) on behalf of the Homeowners Marketing Services family.
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