Accurate Mailing Lists make Direct Mail Deliver

Recent studies show why direct mail marketing can boost sales for almost any business. When the right mailing lists are used:

Mailing Lists for Your Business
Mailing List
  • 98% of consumers bring their mail in the house the same day it’s delivered
  • 84% have purchased an item after seeing it in a Direct Mail catalog
  • 84% of Millennials take the time to look through their mail
  • 80% of Direct Mail recipients read or at least scan their mail
  • 70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet
  • 64% of Millennials would rather scan for information in the mail over email

One major advantage of direct-mail advertising is that it is highly targeted. It allows businesses to focus only on those leads who are most likely to become customers, by using accurate mailing lists.

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Who Is “Homeowners Marketing”?

We are the only mailing list compiler, privately held by the same company owner for over 50 years. That is what makes us unique in this industry aside from the fact we have the freshest and most accurate mailing lists in the industry.

We’ve been in business for over 50 years and have served over 60,000 businesses. Most of us have been with the company for over 10 years. We love what we do and we are passionate about great service and the quality of our accurate mailing lists.

What We Offer

Each week (or other frequency to your liking), we will send you leads who match the criteria of the ideal customer as you will define for us. You tell us where you want to serve customers, who they usually are and what in your experience makes them buy – we turn that into a target audience to whom you can send an offer each and every week.

Is Direct Mail Marketing Effective?

Direct Mail is a time-proven and cost effective marketing tool for businesses who wish to find new customers.

Well Known Brands
many brands use direct marketing to build a name and maintain it

In addition Direct Mail helps establish a brand name, even for small, local businesses, because it’s a great medium to tell the brands story.

For example: a local clothing store mailing people who just moved to the area, a branded message that says: “We have been dressing our neighborhood with the latest fashion, continuously, for 25 years” says; we are reliable. We care. We are experts. We are here to stay.

When someone gets a postcard or flyer mailed from a local “neighbor” it carries a personal touch the likes of which no marketing text message or Facebook ad can deliver (not to mention how outrageously expensive online advertising has become).

When a person gets a Direct Mail piece, it sends a message; “we took the time and effort to design, print and deliver”. This, in turn means: “we care about you and we want your business”.

Studies show what a boon Direct Mail is to retailers and other business’ sales & bottom line.

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Why do the smartest marketing managers and business owners use New Homeowners Mailing Lists, New Movers Mailing Lists and New Business Mailing Lists?

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Special Customization Process means that when you submit your form, we’ll contact you to make a special list to fit your needs, at no cost to you.

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Note, this is a “no strings attached” offer :
No financial information will be requested, only your preferences and shipping information so we can email or physically mail you the leads.

If you had a list of 100 New Homeowners how many would need your goods and services?

If it’s more than 5%, call us right away or visit our facebook page and leave us a question or concern that is on your mind, regarding how to grow your business, so we can take the time to provide you with an answer that fits your business niche and concern.

Here’s a list of our content to help you discover more about Direct Mail, Industry leading Mailing Lists and Marketing Insights.

2 Weeks’ Free Supply of Sales Leads

Our special customization process allows you to instantly filter out prospects that don’t fit your customer profile. This saves you time, by not trying to contact people that simply don’t buy your type of product or service. Smart, simple and quick.

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Example of information you could choose to include or exclude from your free list: sales price, loan amount, phone included or no phone, lender, marital status, gender, single-family homes or condo/town-homes, and homes with pools… the list goes on.