Looking for quality leads?

We connect you with new homeowners: excellent customers for your business

Do you want to sell more products or provide more services to homeowners?
You've come to the right place! This website will help you market to new homeowners around the block and all over the nation.

It doesn't matter what size business you own or what products or services you provide. New Homeowners in your area are looking for local providers for all their needs; With their previous residence more than 10 miles away (on average), they need new places to shop, eat, bank and get health services, not to mention purchases and project related to their new home (construction/remodeling, appliances, furniture, insurance etc).

You tell us a bit about your customers ("target audience") and we go get them for you.

As you keep reading, you'll find out New Homeowners are great prospects for your products and services, because they have purchasing power and are establishing new buying habits. In this economy, it doesn't get any better than that. Now the only question is; how to reach them before your competitors do.

We are the Nation's largest and oldest compiler of new homeowner data. That means we don't buy it from others, turn around and resell it to you. No sir! We "bake" it ourselves from scratch, by collecting home sales data from, each and every county, then adding advanced Database Technology to the mix.

We pride ourselves on connecting you to the right person at the right time. We have been helping small business grow with our time proven lead generation program for almost half a century. How many companies do you know that have been around for that long?
What still drives our passion for this work, is talking to small business owners like you, every day, tailoring a custom list that works best for their goals and then watch their sales go up.

Here are some facts you should consider when you consider choosing us as your Marketing Partner:
  1. We provide the fastest list in the country
  2. 93% min. delivery guarantee
  3. Our list is owner occupied for maximum results
  4. Our databases are updated daily
  5. List delivered on labels or via email
  6. Consistent A- rating with the BBB
  7. Over 45,000 clients served in over 4 decades
  8. Under same management since 1975
  9. Leads customized to your areas & demographics
If you had a bad experience marketing through a list (slow, inaccurate, high return rate, low conversion rate), please call us and give us a chance to show you it can be done differently.
Let us be your "Marketing Person" (we'll be the cheapest you had ever hired, and that's a promise!).

Our lists are customized to your area. Select from a rich "menu", that will help you focus on your best prospects, including:
  1. Home Value
  2. Loan Amount
  3. Lender Name
  4. Accurate Phone Numbers
  5. Year Built
  6. Lot Size
  7. Swimming Pool
and much much more.

Call us for a quote and a free sample or check out our mailing list counts platform - a FREE, "24/7" portal that lets you research our list, save searches ("ebay" style) for future reference, email quotes and pick only the data which you are interested in (unlike others who force you to buy more than you need with minimum orders and other tricks).

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site.
We look forward to earning your business.